World’s Richest People 2015

Rich, famous and successful entrepreneurs started up from little or nothing and climbed their way on that success ladder board with hard work, perseverance, passion and faith. Like every other business man, they also had dilemmas on what their startup business names would be. These startup business names can either make an impact or do nothing at all for your company.

The world’s top money making people have their own businesses. Their empire names have resounded globally and earned much for them. So who made it on top on the most coveted list of the world’s billionaires? Still on the top spot is the famous entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bill Gates. For the last 21 years, he has held this title 16 times. He took back the spot as world’s number one billionaire from Carlos Slim Helu after the latter made a run for the title for four consecutive years. Bill Gates co founded the Microsoft in 1975 which boosted his net worth. His total net worth is close to $79.2 billion.

The second person in the list is Carlos Slim Helu. The guy who took the spot for four years is now world’s number two with a net worth amounting to $72 billion. In the last two decades where there were a lot of changes in the Mexican telecom structure, he rose up to meet the challenges and prospered incredibly.

Third on the list is Mr. Warren Buffet. This investor has a staggering net worth amounting to $72.7 billion. This man’s wealth comes from the stellar performance of Berkshire Hathaway, his own holding company. In August 2014 the Class A Stock of Berkshire Hathaway closed to $200,000 per share. This stock is by far the most expensive stock in any publicly traded US company. His ranking this year is up four notches from last year. In 2013, the Berkshire Hathaway posted humongous revenue amounting to $182 billion along with a $19.5 billion as net income thanks to the dozens of subsidiaries that the company have which includes insurance, railroads and energy.

These great men and world’s richest people have certainly mesmerizing credentials. People look up to these men and hope to build an empire like they had one day.


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