Why Want To Watch Football Online

Soccer or football is one of the most celebrated and oldest sports in the world. The highlights of the world wide game are through the Football World Cup. Other tournaments include the African Cup of Nations, Copa America and the Euro Championships. The most powerful leagues include Bundesliga for Germany, Serie A for Italy, La Liga for Spain, and English Premier League for England. And people from around the world will just love to watch football online if unable to watch on their TV.

Object of the Game

Football is aimed at playing a 90-minute time frame where opponents need to score more goals to win. The match is divided into two halves of 45-minutes. After each half, the players are required to take 15-minutes break or half-time. The next 45-minute game will resume and any time fit to be added will be done accordingly by the referee. So, it’s possible to watch football online nowadays.

Players and Equipment

Every football team will be comprised of 11 players. This will consist of ten outfield players and a goalkeeper. The pitch measurements are different from every ground and will be cover 120-yards in length and 75-yards in width. The pitch will have 6-yard box next to the goal mouth, 18-yard box around the 6-yard box, and the centre circle. The other half will also have the same dimensions.

More importantly, the equipment for the football match includes a football and a pitch. The players will be wearing matching strips, shin pads, and studded football boots. The goalkeepers will have padded gloves, as they are the only players allowed to handle the ball. Each team will have its own assigned captain.


How you score the ball will need you to infiltrate the opponent’s goal. The ball must be over the line to make a recognised goal. You can score a goal without the aid of your hand, arm or shoulder. The goal has a frame dimension of 8-yards wide and 8-feet high.

Winning the Game

So,if you watch football online (ดูบอล) and want to know who wins the game, players need to have more scores than their opponents. If the scores are at the same level for each opponent, then the game is extended and even a penalty shootout can help decide a winner.


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