Why It Is Important For Motorcycle Jackets To Be Abrasion-Resistant

One of the most frequent questions at motorcycle dealerships is whether they have a motorcycle clothing store. Manufacturers of motorcycle clothing have provided riders with the option of motorcycle clothing online so that they can shop conveniently. The jackets, casual clothing, trousers, body armour and waterproof clothing are well known quality brands.

Everybody knows that wearing proper gear is very important to enjoy motorcycle riding during the colder months. There is motorcycle gear that has been designed for the most gruelling adventures and tailored to withstand different elements.

It is typical for riders to travel much faster in their bikes. Even when riding around town, it is typical to hit 50mph or more. On the highway, 85mph can be exceeded. However, the skin, bones and organs were not created to withstand an impact at extremely fast speed.

Another factor to consider is abrasion where you lose at least one millimetre of flesh for every mile per hour of going over 30mph when you crash. When the bike crashes while you are at top speed, you are very likely to lose 1.4 cm of skin and muscle which the body cannot afford to lose. When you crash at 70mph, you will not only suffer from abrasions but life threatening injuries.

A motorcycle jacket covers the parts of the body that are considered fragile like the arms, back, ribs and organs. This is the reason why choosing a jacket must be taken seriously. Fashionable jackets are not created to withstand abrasions and windblast. Motorcycle-specific jackets put safety and comfort above style and fashion.

Motorcycle-specific jackets whether made from leather or textile have features like seams that are doubled up multiple of times to protect stitching from abrasion and provide additional strength to prevent them from bursting. The jackets are designed to snugly fit in high speed windblasts. They also include armour that will absorb impact.

For riders who want to look stylish, there is motorcycle clothing online that can complement the style of bike you are using. There are jackets made from mesh or perforated leather with lots of zip open vents. There are also jackets with zippers around the bottom to connect to a pair of riding pants to seal out the elements.


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