Why Hotels Near Pattaya Make You Enjoy The City

Pattaya is another popular city in Thailand for travellers. It’s on the eastern coast of the Gulf and is a young city in comparison to its rich history. It was developed some 40 years ago and became renowned to many American soldiers especially during the Vietnam War. If you like to experience its culture and history, ensure you’re booked in hotels near Pattaya for a grand holiday.

Many travellers are appealed with the sights, sounds and girls the city can offer. For most male travellers, they come here for the sex tourism industry; however, travellers coming with their families can also enjoy their destination by the beach. They just need to ensure they’re booked in family hotels near Pattaya to ensure the kids have a wonderful time.

If you’re here for nightlife, you’ll find several girlie bars and shows, where you get entertained. For families, there are more quieter areas and attractions like elephant parks, museums and zoos to serve as a diversion from the night scene.

Greater Pattaya

This area will cover most of the Banglamung coastlines and extend to the Pattaya Beach, Naklua Beach and the cape of the Buddha Hill. If you want a peaceful time with loved ones or a group of friends, you should be here away from the main beach.

Jomtien Beach

This is the best beach to take your partner and kids. This is more peaceful and quieter than the centre of Pattaya. You’ll also find here restaurants and bars to enjoy. Just ensure you’re booked in nice hotels near Pattaya for convenience.

North Pattaya

This is not the area where the action is, but you can come here if you’ll like to see the northern part of the main beach. It’s excellent for those who want to stay closer to the city centre.

South Pattaya

This is a popular place among travellers as they can enjoy the best shopping, nightlife and atmosphere. This is where you find the infamous Walking Street and the Pattaya land.

Central Pattaya

This area of Pattaya is not so busy as compared with the rest, but you’ll still find restaurants, bars and shopping centres on the beach roads. So, at the end of the day, ensure you’re back to your chosen hotels near Pattaya for some peace and quiet time.


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