Why Condo Living Is A Popular Choice Now

Modern time calls for modern living. The younger generation of today prefer to live in the city where they are closer to commercial places such as their work, school, malls, clubs and other social establishments. A condominium is the best choice for single individuals who live to work and party. It is also a good choice for starting families. This type of residence offers much more that a regular house in a subdivision or a gated community.

  • This is one of the main purpose why people choose condominiums over a stand-alone home. 24/7 security guards, equipped with CCTV cameras and surveillance tapes for reviews is what a majority of condos offer.
  • Condos all over the world make it a point that their establishment will offer the best service and amenities that includes fitness gym, in house laundry, swimming pool, spas, salons and different restaurants to choose from.
  • Location and Proximity. Condos are usually in the heart of the busiest cities, where a lot of establishments are located. It is amidst all big companies and big malls. People today choose to stay in a condo to avoid travelling to work. They want to avoid the heavy traffic that a successful economy has to endure.

There are also condos that are near schools, hospitals, fire department, malls and church and are the top choices of families with children.

  • Condominiums are usually cheaper than houses. This is due to the fact that you do not have a lot to own. A condo is a residential or commercial property that are shared property or you share ownership with the other condo owners.
  • Condos nowadays can be a form of business. We can generate income by having them rented out for transient stay or long term stay. People who loves to travel likes to stay in a condo better than a hotel for many reasons. A condo is a lot cheaper. It is homier because it replicates all the functions of a house, from cooking, doing the dishes and washing your clothes.

Are you not convinced yet? Condo living is very convenient and economical. Enjoy the state of the art amenities and excellent service just like in a luxury condo in Thonglor.


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