When Is The Right Moment To Ask For Customer Feedback?

Businesses certainly understand the importance of reviews but the question is how to get glowing reviews from customers. Many customers are reluctant to leave their feedback at the point of sale because they not have experienced the product. There is always that right moment to request for a review to gain optimal results.

There are strategic moments in the customer’s journey where asking for a review will generate the right results. The following signs show that a customer is satisfied with the product or service and will be willing to post a favourable review.

  • After the customer has experienced the product or service
  • After the customer has re-ordered the product
  • After the brand is tagged in a social media post
  • After a customer has spent time on the website browsing the products
  • After the customer has recommended the product to another person

However, there are different time frames for certain products and services. For example, a customer of a ride-sharing app may receive a prompt to review the ride and the driver immediately after the experience or a customer may be asked by a staff to leave a feedback immediately after eating in a restaurant. The important thing is to identify the happiest moment for the customer before requesting for a review.

A digital marketing agency usually requests for King Kong advertising reviews after the client has reached the stage where he has become more profitable and successful due to the digital marketing campaign. A client is always happiest when business generates the expected revenues. All you need to do is ask and they will willingly leave a review.


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