What To Know About Exercise Physiology In Birkdale

What Is Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology refers to a specialty that addresses many short-term reactions to stress and how the body adapts to frequent exposure to different physical activities over time. The purposes of exercise physiology in Birkdale are the prevention or management of acute chronic disease and injury, as well as help in restoring a person’s optimal physical condition, health, and wellness.

Where does an Exercise Physiologist practice?

Certified Exercise Physiologist works in various health settings which include private and public hospitals, multidisciplinary and private clinics, non-profit government organizations, health and rehabilitation centres, fitness centres, aged care institutions, sports organizations, and gymnasiums.

When should a person see an exercise physiologist?

There are many benefits a person can get from consulting a certified exercise physiologist. These include management of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, pulmonary disease, neurological disease, musculoskeletal disease, depression and many mental illnesses, and cancer.

A certified exercise physiologist can also do an assessment of functional capacity, advise on modification of lifestyle to improve the status of health, prescriptions of exercise for function and strength improvement before and after surgery, and workplace assessment.

What are the services that exercise physiologist provides?

There are numerous services a certified exercise physiologist can offer to its patients such as behavioural coaching, exercise counselling, health education, and physical rehabilitation. Personalized exercise programs, counselling to manage sedentary habits, and promoting leisure time and other related activities form part of the services of an exercise physiologist. The exercise physiologist must ensure that all activities are effective, safe, and can be maintained for long term action.

How does an exercise physiologist become certified?

An exercise physiologist can practice the profession after completing a 4-year bachelor’s degree that is provided by an accredited program from a national university, completing a continuing professional education program, and practicing code of ethics job.

Exercise physiology is very much beneficial to patients with chronic illnesses. This therapy is a great option for scientific medications that gives many unpleasant side effects to the patient. It is essential to carefully check the credentials of the exercise physiologist including his or her experiences before engaging an exercise program with the professional.


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