What To Expect In The Food Industry This 2018

In every industry, there are new trends introduced every year and the food industry is no exception. In fact, it is one of the industries along with fashion where the trends are watched out for. These trends are indication of the evolution in the industry in terms of interacting with the consumers, the ecosystem and most importantly the health of everyone involved. If you ask the entrepreneur turned restaurateur, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, he will tell you that the most popular trend in the last few years is the introduction of healthier food options.

Take a look at the menu cards of your favourite restaurant and you might notice that there are visible changes such as the inclusion of health dishes. This is not the only emerging trend but there are a number worth noting such as burrito bowls, almost any kind of dishes with avocado on them and increasing number of food establishments offering brunch.

There are many trends that touched on the introduction of healthier food options but only a select few are worth discussing about in this article. For instance, there is the trend where gut can be manipulated by selecting carefully the foods we eat. This new microbiota can be produced when one changes his or her eating habits thereby making it possible to culture them in just 24 hours. The most popular foods that are known to strengthen the gut include kefir, miso and kimchi.

The second trend is all about seafood. When you think of seafood, you know right away that it is healthy. Lately, seafood has been incorporated in breakfast as well as brunch menu. Restaurants are starting to explore dishes that are cooked with shellfish and uncommon fish varieties such as ceviche and fish tacos.

The last trend, as noted by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, will encourage people to eat more vegetables. Chefs working in restaurants are trying to come up with creative dishes where vegetables can be the main ingredient like risotto bowl which originated in Atlanta. This is the dish that industry experts believe will spread around the nation like a wildfire.


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