Veeam Extends Office 365 Back-Up: Good For Sharepoint Training In Perth  


For newbies in the ever-complicated world of information technology or IT, SharePoint is a product that is developed by Microsoft. Basically, SharePoint is first and foremost, a collaborative platform that is web-based and integrates with another product of Microsoft, the ever-reliable Microsoft Office. Generally, SharePoint is being advertised and sold as a software that can be used to manage documents as well as a storage system. Over the years, the product has become more and more configurable and even usages of the said product have multiplied for different organizations have different needs for SharePoint. According to the latest data from Microsoft, SharePoint has already gathered 160 million users which are scattered in 75,000 different customer organizations. Nowadays, SharePoint has four known variants: SharePoint Server, SharePoint Standard, SharePoint Enterprise and, SharePoint Online. Also, more and more companies have been undertaking SharePoint training in Perth for their respective employees especially in BPO companies and other IT-related offices to maximize the usefulness of the product.


Last May of 2017, Veeam, a software company,                has made a big announcement, stating that they are now extending their service to provide a channel where users can back-up their Office 365 developments.  In fact, the company also revealed it’s already in the process of providing back up service for more than just email. In addition to this, the company also scheduled two release two new updates for their Office 365 Back-Up, namely Veeam Back-up Office 365 1.5 and, Veeam Back-Up Office 365 2.0. Veeam Back-Up Office 365 2.0 will now add additional support for SharePoint Online and, OneDrive for Business. This specific update will be helpful for a huge number of Veeam users, especially to those who are currently undertaking SharePoint training in Perth because they will now be able to do more training without spending additional expenses just to have additional support that they need. In addition to this, Veeam users will now have more space in terms of cloud technology to store the developmental works that they are currently working on without worrying too much on various security risks or, manipulation of the said works.



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