Untreated Eye Problems For Preschoolers In The United States Alarming

According to a recent report, around 175,000 preschoolers in the United States are suffering from common eye problems that go untreated. The number is expected to increase in considerable amount in the following years. This is a wakeup call to parents of preschoolers in Australia to book an eye test in Kirrawee to check their child’s eye status.

The analysis is expecting that the number of untreated cases of eye problems for the very young generation will increase by 26 per cent before the end of 2060.

According to Dr. Rohit Varma, the author of the said study, they have found an alarming proportion of cases that could be easily prevented or corrected and yet these are all left untreated. Varma is also the USC Roski Eye Institute’s director under the University of Southern California located in Los Angeles.

Varma added that this problem should be addressed by increasing the awareness of performing preschool eye exam as well as to increase the number of vision screening among younger kids.

The investigators based their findings on the two studies that were conducted nationally, which addresses the vision problems that kids in the United States are suffering nowadays.

The researchers were able to see that the huge percentage of untreated preschoolers, about 20 per cent, are suffering from blurred vision because of refractive error. This means that the children are either suffering from myopia or near-sightedness or hyperopia or far-sightedness. These two cases happen when the eye’s shape is interfering with the incoming light’s proper bending.

In majority of both cases, prescription glasses will be able to correct the problem. The study authors indicated that this is not the case for majority of the preschoolers who were studied.

The report revealed that a big percentage of preschoolers especially those who belong in minority communities were not able to go for a proper check-up.

Varma said that it is the professional’s recommendation that a child should have a complete eye exam done before they turn three years of age. Book your child an eye test in Kirrawee to prevent eye issues from happening since this problem is already widespread in America and should not happen in Australia as well.


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