Unclaimed Ashes In Adams County To Be Kept In Golden Crypt

After cremation, the common process includes putting the ashes inside cremation urns for adults or babies before they can be brought home by the families of the deceased. But what happens when the bodies are unclaimed by families? This is the dilemma that recently plagued Adams County after eight indigent people who passed away were cremated but no one came forward to claim their remains.

The good news is that their remains will now have a resting place for good after Adams County Board gave its permission to the Golden village to allow John Myers, the county’s current coroner, to purchase a crypt inside the mausoleum of the Golden Cemetery. It will cost him $300 but the vault will serve as the resting place for the indigent people’s ashes that were not claimed.

According to Myers, it is only right for them to have a dignified place where they can rest in peace with respect. It can be their resting place forever or until such time a family or someone comes forward to claim the remains.

Myers explained that he does not feel it is right for the remains to be in his office because the place is not dignified and it does not give a respectful feeling towards those who passed away. After granted with approval to purchase a crypt, Myers intend t move the ashes immediately. The transfer will also be done in a dignified way as they hired a clergyman who will conduct a short service.

Myers was given the task to handle the remains after he took office in July of 2018. There used to be 17 unclaimed remains inside his office but some have already been claimed except for the eight. Upon moving, the list of names will be posted in front of the crypt for easy identification later on and the key will be kept by the Golden village as manager of the cemetery. Everyone can now feel at peaces as the remains are placed inside cremation urns for adults and now they will have a proper resting place.


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