Trucking Collisions Cause Problems Along Highway

A driver that had been trucking in Cambridge through Highway 401 had been killed after a crash that demolished the vehicle on October of 2017, closing off the highway.

Highway 401 had been repeatedly closed, marking five times in a span of 17 days, when 10 transport and dump trucks crashed and collided in five different locations within or around the area of Waterloo. During those collisions, media and police reports gathered that two passenger vehicles had been involved.

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt states that the highway receives a lot of traffic from transport trucks, and for that reason when a truck loses control in slow traffic and stopped vehicles, the crash site will look like carnage. He says that even when no one is killed as a result, it would heavily concern the people in the area and the drivers trucking in Cambridge and Waterloo when they are trying to get around the city.

The morning collisions happened between 4 and 8 am, resulting in three westbound closures, two eastbound closures, two injuries from involved parties, and one death. The crash has spilt fuel, started and spread fires, damaged the road and polluted it with debris. Marco Beghetto of the Ontario Trucking Association states that the association believes truck drivers to be safe operators while on the road, but admits that one accident is too many.

The crashed transport truck in Highway 401 had been loaded up with lumber, and crashed into another transport truck, which in turn lurched it forward to hit another dump truck that had reasonably slowed for the demands of traffic, as reported by Sgt. Schmidt. The driver of the transport truck for lumber, later identified as AbdualWaheed who was a 59-year-old man from Ajax, had been found dead after he was pulled out of his ruined cab.

Commissioner Vince Hawkes had said that the police are keeping a keener eye on transport drivers after a great series of collisions that he called was a result to driver inattentiveness on the road. Marco Beghetto conceded to “a few bad apples” as the source of the trucking accidents and collisions, which initiated a plan to work with the Ministry of Transportation and the OPP to lower the causes for distracted driving.


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