Tree Lopping Fraud Targeted Couple In Willetton

The couple Calene and Wilf Snook learned the hard way when they were scammed by two men who posed as tree loppers. They have chainsaws with them and promise to cut a tree that is inside the couple’s backyard. A legal tree lopper Perth company advised that homeowners should be wary of fraud as this is a common scheme nowadays.

The couple has been planning for a long time to remove the huge pepper tree inside their property. It so happens that a few days before the green waste pick up in the City of Cannings, two men came to their home and offered to cut the tree. They thought it was a chance for them to follow through with their plan.

The men introduced themselves as tree loppers and offered an initial fee of $200 to remove the dead branch from the tree.

They charged an additional $400 because they claimed that the tree is already infested with white ants. Mr. Snook then decided to lop the tree to as high as their fence.

According to him, the first day they worked, the men left their chainsaw as well as a harness but they brought with them one of Mr. Snooks battery chargers. Their patio area needs cleaning up because of the oil they have splattered.

They came back for the second and third day but after which the two men never reappeared again. Mr. Snook would never hire the men in any other circumstances but due to his latest operation he is unable to perform hard tasks.

He was disappointed that they only managed to cut branches from the trees but they never actually did what was promised since the couple has already paid them.

Mr. Snook wanted to give a warning to other homeowners to not trust people knocking on their doors posing as tree lopping companies.

Mrs. Snook said that there should be a written quote before the job commenced and payment should only be given after it has been completed. The couple now serves as a lesson to everyone to only hire professional tree lopper Perth and to ask for their permits before hiring.


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