Tips for Effective GSM Range Extender Installation

One of the best features of a GSM Range Extender is that it can be installed easily even by those who do not have the technical expertise on installations. Signal boosters come with a user’s manual and the only thing you need to do is read it and you are on your way to having great experience every time you make or receive calls.

Here are some tips to ensure that the GSM Range Extender you purchased online will work best for you:

  • Open the signal booster package when you receive it. Make sure that it contains all the parts indicated in the user’s manual or on the supplier’s website from which you purchase the item. The contents of the booster kit depends on the type of device that you bought but generally, each package include a cell phone amplifier or repeater, an indoor omni antenna, an outdoor antenna, an outdoor coaxial cable or a 5-meter indoor coaxial cable and a power supply.
  • When you have ascertained that the package has complete contents, it’s time to read the manual for instructions on how to assemble the GSM Range Extender Nikrans LCD-1200 or your chosen model. Aside from the user’s manual, you can also refer to the supplier’s website for detailed information on the installation process. The information can be found on the how to install page on the website.
  • If you are having difficulty installing the signal booster despite having read the user’s manual, it’s time for you to call the supplier to get assistance from their technical team. The good thing about calling for a technical expert to assemble the signal amplifier is that you can be sure that the device will be properly installed and it will be properly checked to ensure maximum performance.

Additional tips:

  • Place the GSM Range Extender Nikrans LCD-1200 at the roof or at the upper level of the building.
  • Mount the signal booster near the window for better signal reception.
  • Only purchase from a reliable supplier to ensure optimum quality of the device and better shopping experience.

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