The Woman Behind The Plus Size Fashion Week

Dale and Waters disclosed that after the recent sales of the plus size apparels which amounted to $17.5 billion, more and more brands are starting to jump on the bandwagon of designing plus size clothing. Gwen DeVoe, a former runway model that proudly represents the plus sizes, wanted to host an event wherein the plus size type of clothing are given the center stage.

Because of her desire to showcase more of the plus size fashion, DeVoe who also works at Scholastic Corporation as HR professional during the day, started the Full Figured Fashion Week in 2009. This is the seventh year that the event will be celebrated. For this year, it will be happening in the center of Manhattan with over 2,500 retailers, designers, small businesses, fashion bloggers and models who will be participating. All of the participants are involved in the manufacture of plus-size apparels.

When asked where she got the inspiration to start the Full Figured Fashion Week, DeVoe confessed that she once attended a Fashion Week for Mercedes-Benz wherein everything was luxurious and the clothes are high end. Despite having the money to buy whatever she wants though, she was unable to because there are no sizes available for her body type. After that day, the experience made her realized that the whole time she was watching the show, none of the models resembles her physique.

When asked how the Full Figured Fashion Week was during its first year, she was honest by answering that financing was hard to come by at first. There were many people who loved her idea but not many are eager to finance the event that she wanted. It was then that she decided to finance the show with what little money she has and together with her only corporate sponsor, Ashley Stewart, the show was born. The first fashion show was a single event done on a weekend with 200 people in the audience. For this year, there are two separate fashion shows for independent designers and big brands who are participating. The Fashion Week this 2015 will be celebrated over the course of a week with 15 events on the list and an estimated 2,500 will be coming to see the show.


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