The Unsolved Keyboard Issues In Apple Computers

Apple is one of the leading tech company manufacturing laptop computers. They are known by PC repairs in Perth as is it one of the most common computers brought by clients for repair. One of the issues it is known for is the keyboards of the MacbookPro which were launched this year. The most common complaint is that the space bar of the keyboard gets stuck. The result is that random periods are found on the page. For non-Mac users, the period appears when the spacebar is hit twice consecutively. Some users tried to turn off the period shortcut but then all that is left are random spaces when the space bar sticks.

The keyboard problems did not start this year alone but it has been recurring for the past two years since the launch of the Macbook Pro in 2016. It was during this time that the company decided to replace the traditional keyboard mechanism with the Butterfly design which is unique to the brand. The replacement was done in order to make the Macbook Pro thinner but it was not smooth sailing as there are problems popping up ever since.

The distances between the keys have been reduced but the design comes with serious issues that resulted to the keyboard breaking down. The complaints are not far and few but it amounted to thousands of users complaining. Aside from random spaces, users have complained about random letters inserted while they are typing.

This is a very expensive issue because even if only a single key is not working properly, the whole top part of the laptop needs to be replaced. There are cases where the battery has to be replaced too. For this repair, Apple charges a minimum of $600. The company faced a class action lawsuit which prompted them to offer free repair for models released in 2016 and 2017. Consumers are still waiting for the company’s announcement if they are offering repair for this year’s model as well.Those who are not covered by the free repair often consults with PC repairs in Perth because the charges are often lower compared to the official shop of Apple.


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