The Most Unique Amenities That Hotels Offer

Porches, room service through robots, butler-drawn baths and chatboxes may be possible for 1% of the world’s population but you can experience these types of amenities if you splurge on the right hotel room. If you will search for hotels across the world, you will find some that offers over-the-top and overwhelmingly extravagant amenities.

At Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort in Mesquite, Nevada, room service is delivered to the accompaniment of bleeps and bloops by Champ, the Relay Robot. You will see the autonomous robot darting down the halls or in some instances, operating the elevator at the resort or delivering freshly cooked hot chicken wings and Stromboli.

Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas has recently introduced Rose, a chatbox that guests can text if they want to know more of the resort’s offerings. The newest resort employee can recommend the best cocktails at the bar or describe the vibe in different restaurants. Rose can be quite bawdy with her responses but she is very helpful.

In Chicago, Acme Hotel Co has in-room Amazon Alexa that visitors can chat with. Alexa is the voice service behind Echo that allows users to interact with their devices. A hotel guest can ask Alexa for recommendations on restaurant and entertainment or request for room service, play music or room maintenance.

Plenty of hotels offer shuttle service or cars you can use to explore the city but in Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in San Diego, you can borrow a 2016 Porche Panamera or a 2016 Boxster at no charge. However, the offer is on a first come, first serve basis. If your preference is to drive a Mercedes Benz, you can try Hotel Jerome in Aspen.

At Carneros Resort & Spa in Napa, guests who have reserved an outdoor soaking tub can call fireside butler to light an outdoor fireplace and deliver a bottle of champagne while you are soaking in an aromatherapy bath.

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