The Introduction Of Thailand 4.0 To The World

When a coup occurred in Thailand four years ago, the military junta which is the National Council for Peace and Order or NCPO took over the country. Ever since the takeover, the nation was led by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. While not many will agree with the takeover, the country has surely benefited from it with the development it has undergone. Tourism is booming in the country and businesses such as restaurants serving international cuisine in Rayong are booming with the economy.

Two years ago, the military government announced that it is planning an economic initiative called Thailand 4.0. This will focus on making the industry ready for the 4.0 model wherein the Thais will be free from setting with middle-income. This can be accomplished by turning the country into a high-income one within five years after the start of the Thailand 4.0.

While there are many roadblocks along the way before the country can reach Thailand 4.0, study has proven that the nation is on the right track. Asia IoT Business Platform conducted a survey last year which revealed that companies in the nation have the highest possibilities of developing and using IoT technology.

The survey revealed that 89 per cent of firms in the country are on their way to IoT, in Malaysia 86 per cent of companies are ready and 83 per cent in Indonesia. Philippines got 80 per cent while Vietnam scored 79 per cent. As per the Asia IoT Business Platform, Thailand is expected to spend 1,600 more times on their IoT when 2020 comes.

According to the Thai Embedded Systems Association’s committee member, PornchaiPruksaratananon, Thailand is one of the leading markets in Southeast Asia. The goal of the country is to improve it by strengthening infrastructure as well as connectivity. Big potential is exuded by Thailand and it could give technological support as well as do more for the country to grow through technology.

Based on the master plan created for Thailand 4.0, they are going to develop three of the cities in the country which includes KhonKaen, Chiang Mai and Phuket. These cities will have to rival international cuisine in Rayong in order to attract more tourists as part of the 4.0 initiative.


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