The Importance Of A Wedding Day Coordinator In Sydney

Planning and coordinating a wedding, whether it’s a church wedding or a romantic beach wedding, are two different things. A typical wedding planner will help you in the planning and preparation stages which include choosing the motif, the venue of your wedding plus reception, the kind of gown and suit that the couple will wear, among other things. A wedding day coordinator in Sydney will be in charge of making sure that whatever plans are made during the planning process will be followed accordingly. In fact, wedding coordinators have bloodier jobs compared to wedding planners although in terms of functions, they are relatively similar in the sense that both wedding planners and wedding coordinators must  make sure that everything will run smoothly come the biggest day in a couple’s love adventure.

What are the responsibilities of a typical wedding day coordinator in Sydney and why it is so important that you have a wedding day coordinator? To begin with, it’s already a bad practice by some couples that they ask relatives and friends whom they invited to help them in a few errands. This practice is highly discouraged as it always results in many unwanted problems. That’s the beauty of having your own, reliable wedding day coordinator in Sydney. You are always at peace that there is someone out there in the grounds making sure that everything is in order while you are preparing for your special day. Below are just some of the responsibilities of a wedding day coordinator:

  • Make sure that both the groom and the bride are already dressing up just in time for their individual on-the-day shoot. In addition to this, a wedding day coordinator must make sure that photos with the maid of honour, the bridesmaids and the immediate family of the bride are taken with the bride herself. It’s the same thing with the groom, his best man, his groom’s men and his immediately family.
  • Make sure that both bride and groom arrive at the church on time. Also, the wedding day coordinator must make sure that seating arrangements both for the ceremony and the reception are strictly followed.
  • A wedding day coordinator must make sure that the food is delivered and served on time and this includes the wedding cake.
  • A wedding day coordinator must have an emergency kit in hand in case of any unwanted emergencies. That person must also handle all problems the event might encounter.

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