The Difference Of Thai Hotel Ratings

Thailand remains as one of the top-tourist destinations in Asia because of its scenery. As such, the country’s tourism industry is booming as more tourists visit the country. Studies show that hotel demands are increasing by 10% each year. From budget hostels in Bangkok, to fancy 4- star hotels in Phuket and 5-star hotels in Pattaya, Thailand has numerous places to stay in.

However, hotels have star ratings wherein more stars mean better service. But, what’s the difference?

One- star: The Necessities

Also known as hostels, these are usually the wallet-friendly types with only a bed and bathroom. They lack their own restaurants, but there are stores or food markets nearby. Hostels are usually situated in convenient locations, like the airport or near public transportation. An example of budget-friendly hostels is the Twins Hostel in Bangkok.

Two-stars: Extra Oomph

Like hostels, two-star hotels also feature a simple bed and bathroom. However, they also have a TV, phone, and WiFi. They also have a restaurant and provide room service. Pattara Place in Chiang Mai is a 2-star hotel with comfortable rooms and great service.

Three-stars: Getting There

These hotels are usually where comfort comes in as three-star hotels have large rooms with cable and flat-screen TVs. They also provide amenities and services like a gym/fitness centre, a pool, restaurant, room and laundry service, WiFi, valet parking, conference rooms, etc. An example is the Boutique City Hotel in Pattaya, which offers style and comfort.

Four-stars: Fancy

These hotels offer comfort with its quality of service, stylish rooms, and bathrooms filled with bath products. They offer the same amenities and services with the bonus of fine dining, more pools, bell hops, salons and spas, suite rooms, concierge services and etc. The Novotel Phuket Vintage is a luxurious 4-star hotel in Phuket with an array of services and amenities.

Five-stars: Ultimate Luxury

Five-star hotels are pictures of comfort and glamour with extravagant rooms and impeccable service. Sometimes, these hotels provide them with personal butlers and chauffeurs. They offer the usual services and amenities but with an upgrade. They have gourmet restaurants, tennis courts and golf courses, entertainment shows, high-speed WiFi and internet, speedy room and laundry services and etc.

Six Sense Resort is an opulent 5-star hotel located in the beautiful island of Ya Noi. Be it a gaudy 4-star hotel in Phuket or an affordable hostel in Bangkok, Thailand welcomes its tourists warmly and with hospitality.



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