Team Building Using A Deck Of Cards

There are team building companies that make the extra effort to make the event worthwhile for participants. Team building can be a half day event in the workplace or a weekend event in a natural setting. Activities can be customized so that it will match with the company’s budget as well as its objective.

The importance of teamwork cannot be overemphasized in any business culture. According to the results of a research that was published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, employees who connect and collaborate with their colleagues demonstrate higher intrinsic motivation. In simple words, they find more enjoyment in their positions which enhances their productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

When staffs function as a unified and cohesive team, stronger performance markers are achieved than staffs that prefer to work independently. An environment of cooperation and collaboration can be achieved by a small business through card games. Games using cards can reinforce teamwork among employees in a manner that is stimulating and accessible.

An example of a card game is Texas Hold ‘Em that can teach members of a team the importance of collaboration. The card game which is a variation of the classic poker requires the players to create their own strategies and at the same time decipher the strategy of the competitor. The staff will require negotiation, critical thinking, decisive action, troubleshooting and keen awareness. All of these competencies are considered as company assets.

House of Cards is a card game that requires careful and tactical precision. This will harness creativity, boost interdependence and reinforce the idea that there is strength in numbers. Team members are given a certain amount of time to be able to build a freestanding tower of cards. The cards can be stacked in any manner of configuration. Scissors can be used to trim the cards or shape them to be more workable.

There is not dearth for team building companies in Sydney that can provide your staff with fun activities to enhance their work performance. You have a choice whether the activities will be held in the workplace, event venue or a natural setting where employees will have more freedom.


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