Target-Themed Birthday Party Complete With Carts And Cash Register

Hosting an event whether it is a birthday, anniversary, wedding or product launching can be stressing but with the help of party hire in Sydney, everything can proceed smoothly and successfully. In the past few years, birthday themes were about princesses, superheroes and Walt Disney characters. Nowadays, event hosts have taken birthday parties to a whole new level.

Chelsea Flint, founder of Chelsea Flint Events and stylist of Target-themed parties posted a magical and unique event on Facebook. She had the vision for a while of creating a red and white birthday party that will feature a shopping station with a register and a scanning belt. This vision was brought to life for6-year old, Olivia.

Every detail was perfect from the food table to the red bull’s eye cake and dog. There was a Starbuck’s coffee station with cupcakes similar to the popular coffee shop’s signature whipped cream drinks. The young guests were allowed to make their name tags to accompany their red outfits. The kids used the shopping station for the entire two hours of the party to shop.

The most significant part of the birthday party was the real Target shopping cart which was lent by a Target store manager. The shopping cart became an accidental star of the party after a hilarious online controversy.

When Flint borrowed the shopping cart from the Target manager, he said yes and placed it on an SUV in front of customers. Flint got this idea when she went to Target and saw customers shopping in the Dollar Spot Section. She thought it was cute and indeed, the response was incredible.

In addition to the shopping cart, Flint also bought a toy cash register which later proved to be perfect accessory for the party. There were aisles of products to shop from including a check-out station like a Target store.

It is important to be creative when planning a birthday party birthday for children. The best assistance can be provided by party hire in Sydney with its party and event’s accessories, chairs and tables, glassware, catering equipment, linen, lighting and dance floors. If the party will be held outdoors, there are tents and marquees for hire.


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