Super Local Creates Terrazzo Collection Using Waste Glass

Super Local, a Dutch studio, partnered with the craftspeople from Zanzibari in order to create terrazzo out of waste glass that are formed into objects and furniture for their home collection. Companies such as Economy Glass are glad to hear that discarded glasses are being transformed into something useful.

The project is called Bottle Up and it showcases that the trash in Zanzibar can be transformed into items such as building materials, accessories and furniture instead of just sending them all into the landfill.

Audience at the Dutch Design Week was able to witness the latest collection which is a line of colorful terrazzo made into home items such as a vase, dish, table and bench.

The designers of Super Local, Pim van Baarsen and Luc van Hoeckel, are the creative minds behind project. It started in 2015 after their visit at the tropical island of Zanzibar which is located in Africa’s eastern coast.

They found out that the large number of waste glass bottle in the island has no recycling program. These are all waste resulting from the increasing tourism in the island. About six shipping containers filled with glass are being transported into the landfill annually.

As a solution, they decided to collaborate with local makers in order to setup the factory of Bottle Up and this is when they started producing items that are made of glass bottles gathered from hotel wastes.

The first collection from Bottle Up was released in 2015 and it was jars and vases made out glass bottles. After that, designers thought of more create ways to incorporate the waste and this is when they created the terrazzo which is made of recycled glass materials.

According to Van Baarsen, it is not an easy task to create beautiful products out of dirty and shattered glasses. This is when the concept of terrazzo was created. It is basically a process involving a mixture of cement and glass shards. Every product in their latest collection makes use of terrazzo.

As a glass company, Economy Glass is proud of the innovation as it puts glasses into new light.


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