Sukhumvit Hotel: The 10 Best Nightlife Spots

At night, the Sukhumvit Road transforms into a vibrant night spot with all the blinking lights that illuminate the whole stretch of the area. You can find numerous bars, restaurants, and many more clubs and lounges.

Spending the night in a Sukhumvit hotel gives you a great nightlife experience which you can share with your friends and loved ones. When you talk about Sukhumvit hotel, you can immediately connect it with expats who come to the place to experience a great nightlife and discover many exciting things.

Here are 10 best nightlife spots in Sukhumvit which you must visit to complete your stay in Bangkok:

  1. Soi Cowboy

Initially, this place has a look of a fantasy ground of pink neon. Here, fantasies can become real to those who search for the mischievous side of the nightlife culture in Bangkok like go-go clubs.


  1. Octave Rooftop and Lounge

This is Sukhumvit’s rooftop bar which is not only a place to watch the sunset or have a loving meal. It is the only rooftop bar with a 360-degree awesome view of the city of Bangkok that is just amazing.


  1. Levels Club & Lounge

This is a place with three separate party zones that are kept in one space. It offers a good alternative to the astonishing nightlife in Sukhumvit.


  1. Beam Night Club

This is among the latest clubs to open that brings techno and underground house music. Its music style is mostly the “cooler” type.


  1. Demo & Funky Villa

You can mistake the place as a deserted warehouse because of its bare walls of brick which is concealed in graffiti, but it is actually among the coolest and amazingly fashionable clubs in Bangkok.


  1. Above Eleven

This is a relaxing Central Park-designed rooftop bar. You can experience the fusion dishes of Japan and Peruvian.


  1. Iron Fairies

This is a magical bar similar to a workshop of an ironsmith: broody and dark, with staircases of iron and wrought.


  1. Brew Pub

Here, you will find an unbelievable selection of bottled and draft beers from small breweries worldwide and bespoke tipples.


  1. Nana Plaza

This is Bangkok’s mischievous central. It is known for its notorious bars with go-go dancers. Nana Plaza is only for adults.


  1. Narz

This is contained in a glass-fronted manor. It has three rooms separate from each other. Compared to other bars, it is a late-night bar.

The amazing nightlife in Sukhumvit entices a lot of local and foreign tourists to explore and experience vibrant evenings together with friends and families.


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