Staying At A 5-Star Boutique Hotel In Ho Chi Minh City For The Light Festival

For those who are not familiar, Ho Chi Minh City, known as Saigon City to most people, is first and foremost an urbanized city in the southern part of Vietnam. The city is vastly famous because it played a hugely important role during the bloody Vietnam War. Also, the presence of the structures left by the colonization of France such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, has made the city an instant tourist destination for vacationists. Recently, city officials have approved a plan devised by the state’s culture department to hold a light festival that would aim at the purpose to furthermore wow tourists. Tourists who will visit the city at the time of the festival will have the rare chance to see the entire city light up in different colours just by watching at the window of a 5-star boutique hotel in Ho Chi Minh City where they will be staying.

According to city officials especially from the tourism cluster of the government, the approved plan for the Light Festival is to light up famous buildings and streets with different colours. Although there is no agreed timeline yet, tourists can expect vital structures such as the Ben Thanh Market, the Opera House and even the city’s town hall to be included in the list of final venues that will be lighted up for the festival. So if you are planning to see the festival for yourself, make sure to know the exact time and dates of the said festival and do make sure that the hotel you are talking to right now is a certified 5-star boutique hotel in Ho Chi Minh City because not only it will give you a unique vacation experience, you will also get to see the Light Festival at the comfort of your hotel room.

The Light Festival, a common tourism gimmick in other cities such as in Sydney, Australia, aims to lure 6 million foreign arrivals this year which can be very much helpful in boosting the city’s tourism. Aside from the Light Festival which has already been held in Hoi An earlier this year, the city’s tourism officials also plan to open a floating market and launch weekend fireworks display to help luring more tourists into the city.


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