Squabble Over Roadside Rubbish

The council chiefs have received some negative responses after saying that Britain’s roadside garbage is too dangerous to clean up. Hampshire’s Winchester Council has revealed that there were some new rules imposed by the Health and Safety Executive regarding the annual road clean-up drive that is happening in the city. The said rules were made in order to make sure that litter-pickers are protected from any danger such as traffic.

HSE denied that they made such rules and also went on to express that the council is just over-interpreting. Sir Andrew Motion, former Poet Laureate and the current Campaign to Protect Rural England’s president, has fired some accusation pertaining to the neglect when it comes to the task of removing litter in the sidewalk. The accusations were directed to the Highways Agency and bosses in the town hall.

Sir Andrew said that people are expressing their disgust and anger everyday regarding the current condition of the roads in England. He also expressed his opinion on why no one is interested in visiting the countryside or the city because of the rubbish. He also commented on the delay of the action despite being there laws that could fine those people who are throwing rubbish from inside the vehicle to the sidewalk.

According to him, proper funding is necessary in order to provide a solution to the problem and make sure that the roads are not permanently abused this way.

Highways Agency was replaced by the Highways England, which is a company owned by the Government, and they are responsible in making sure the motorway is always clean. The task of clearing trunk routes and A-routes is handled by both the councils and the agency.

Clean Highways’ Peter Silverman has expressed their opinion as a group that the councils know that it is important to make sure everyone is safe and they are using this justification as an excuse towards their inaction.

Almost all of UK is suffering from the rubbish problem that is on every roadside.

A spokesman from Highways England has revealed that around £6 million is spent every year in garbage collection yet there are still litter everywhere and the rate is alarming. The group is set to start an investigation on the matter.


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