“Smart” Pajamas To Improve Sleeping Patterns

It is very likely that you have heard of Christmas Pajamas that are popular garments for the holidays; however, are you aware that there are “smart” pajamas with self-powered sensors that can provide unobtrusive and continuous monitoring of heartbeat, breathing and sleep posture? This smart clothing can provide people with useful information on how they can improve their sleeping patterns.

According to Trisha Andrew, Ph. D, the leader of the team of researchers, sensing elements were conspicuously integrated including portable power sources to every day garments without compromising weight, feel, comfort, function and ruggedness. The team also worked with computer scientists and chemical engineers in processing the myriad signals from the sensors so that clear and easy to understand information can be obtained.

According to the National Institutes of Health, people need enough sleep to protect them against stress, infections and diseases like heart and kidney diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes. When a person gains quality sleep, his mental acuity increases and decision-making skills are improved. The problem here is people do not often get the right kind of sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation says that the sleep industry is booming with nearly $29 billion sales in 2017. Manufacturers have introduced smart mattresses to the market that are claimed to sense movement and sleep posture. However, the smart mattresses do not provide the person with information and they are not portable for travel.

Reactive vapor deposition is the key element in smart pajamas that synthesizes a polymer and directly deposits on the fabric in vapor phase to form various electronic components. Unlike other electronic wearable, the vapor-deposited electronic polymer films can withstand washing and mechanically-demanding routines in textile manufacture.

The team has tested the smart pajamas on volunteers and has validated readings from sensors independently. The smart pajamas will be beneficial to settings like nursing homes and retirement centers.

Sometimes, there is a tendency to give anything because you are in a rush to complete Christmas shopping. This year, give something useful like Christmas Pajamas that are stylish and ideal for the holiday season. Start shopping now for gifts to avoid the holiday crowd in stores.


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