Severe Weather Condition Cleared Football Stadiums And Cancelled Games In Iowa And Nebraska

College football stadiums had to be cleared after weather problems swept the state, causing delays and cancellation of games.


Cancelled Games at Iowa

Officials called off the games in Nebraska and Iowa after the weather problems during the football season’s first big weekend.


South Dakota State was set to play a game against Iowa State, but was cancelled after delays due to storms in Ames, Iowa. Several football stadiums were also affected, including the Memorial Stadium located in Lincoln. It had to be evacuated because of the severe thunderstorms just two hours after the game between Akron and Nebraska was delayed as well. So far, there hasn’t been any statement regarding its rescheduling.


On the day of the Iowa State game, lightning flashed and rain fell on and off, causing the cancellation after a 2-hour long delay. Iowa State was leading with a 7-0 score, with Kyle Kempt attempting to execute a touchdown pass to Deshaunte Jones who was 55 yards away. The ream old had ten plays and a punt, but the game was cut short. Throughout the game, the audience started to leave little but little, with only a few students remaining by the end.  Jamie Pollard, Iowa State’s athletic director, says that safety is more important.


Games at Nebraska

Over at Nebraska, clouds have already started forming hours before the game started, but it didn’t do anything to stop the players and spectators to witness the much-anticipated opener of the Cornhuskers. The stadium was already at full capacity half an hour before the start of the game, with enthusiasts wearing shirts in celebration of the arrival of Scott Frost, the new coach and former Huskers quarterback.


Tension was building up, and peaked as the team entered the field with the Husker’s “Tunnel Walk,” a tradition everyone looked forward to. However, right after that, an athletics official notified that lightning was detected within eight miles of the stadium. Lightnings require a minimum of a 30-minute delay. Fans remained in the stadium; dancing to the music and watching the match between Notre Dame and Michigan on the big screen, but within an hour, most left after the rain started pouring in. Another hour after, a severe thunderstorm started moving in, delaying the game indefinitely.




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