Recycling Study Result Shocked Orange County

Despite the efforts of the local recycling facility and junk removal Orange County, there are still an alarming amount of recyclable items that end up in landfills such as newspapers, cardboard boxes and aluminum cans. To answer the mind boggling situation, employees of the solid waste department in Orange County decided to conduct a study which looked into the recycling cart of a single neighborhood. The study lasted for two months and the result showed their efforts were worth it.

The result of the study triggered the county officials to change their recycling campaign pitch and expected to solve their problem with regards to contamination due to non-recyclables being dumped in the recycling bins intended for recycling materials.

There were 643 houses observed during the study within a neighborhood in Park Manor. The community composed mostly of working class individuals and is known to have a problem with regards to recycling contamination.

David Gregory, the solid waste manager for Orange County, said that all recycling loads coming from this community were rejected due to contamination. There are non-recyclables mixed in such as dog waste, grass clippings and greasy pizza boxes among many other non-recyclable items.

Gregory said that because of this they thought they needed to change something in their recycling program. During the study, there were 421 Oops tags attached to the roll carts used for recycling. The tag means that there are a lot of non-recyclables included on the cart. The biggest problem that was found during the study was plastic bags.

Plastics website said that it is not because plastic bags are not considered recyclables but they must be placed in a different collection system. Plastic bags such as grocery bags can cause tangling and may shut down equipment inside the recycling facility.

During the study, the participation was impressive with 4,889 households. They keep placing Oops tags on roll carts that were not following the recycling instructions. If they receive five of these tags, this means that the county will no longer handle their recycling. This is why some residents and commercial establishment who have many recyclables choose junk removal Orange County especially if they do not have an idea on how to segregate their recyclables.


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