Realtor Sells Ugly Christmas Sweater For A Good Cause

Coquitlam, Ca — November 10, 2015 — There is no doubt that Vargha Akhtarkhavari is an ardent lover of ugly Christmas sweaters. In fact, due to his love for the knitted sweaters, he is willing to buy his large collection a second time, all for the purpose of helping those who are in need.

Through his Facebook page, the realtor from Coquitlam will be auctioning his collection of 24 ugly Christmas sweaters while asking the winners to donate their bids, to which he will match, to any nonprofit organization.

The realtor said cheerfully that he already had his time with them but now he feels that it is time to let his collection go and what better way to part than by doing something meaningful? He also said that he’d be happy if he could raise about $2,000 for charity.

Akhtarkhavari first showed an interest with the funny-looking outfits when a family friend who he calls “Grandma” knitted him one five years back. That’s when it all began. During that fateful encounter, he decided that it would be fun to have a whole collection of ugly Christmas sweaters, a variety which he can wear for each day that leads up to Christmas.

First he scoured numerous websites like eBay, and then he bought some in the U.S., costing him about $50 per piece, although there is one piece that is too pricy that he doesn’t want to admit how much he had paid.

Afterwards, word quickly spread about his collection and soon, most of his friends are calling to borrow a piece for their own sweater parties. The realtor even wore his collections to work.

He said that the people loved it, especially the kids. Now, he is asking the winners to donate their bids to certain charities like BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, BC Cancer Foundation, Ronald McDonald House BC, Down Syndrome Research Foundation, and he will do the same by donating his matching bids.

Not only are ugly Christmas sweaters bring joy and laughter to people, they have also proven that they can be used for something meaningful as well. If you share the same love for ugly Christmas sweaters like Vargha Akhtarkhavari, you can visit


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