Prepare Your Home Before Selling

There a quite a few things that a property owner should ensure before selling a property and this includes proper plumbing repair and maintenance done. Here is the check list before putting a house for sale.

– The house price should be appropriate. This is top on the list and should be done correctly before putting a house for sale. A tip suggested by says that the owner should have the home assessed to know its total worth. The price on the listing should be less than 15 to 20% of the assessment price. This way, more buyers will flock even if the market is not at its best condition. These buyers will then post multiple bids which will be surprisingly more than the total house worth. This is now the best strategy when it comes to selling a property but many of the owners are not willing to risk.

– Staging is important. Make sure that your house looks ready to be sold once the buyers start pouring in. Make it clean and keep the decorations and accessories at a minimum. There should not be any family photos as well as personal things that might distract the buyers. Upon checking, they should be able to envision themselves living there with their own things. Everything should be organized by keeping every carpet and cabinet shiny and clean. For easier movement inside the house, the furniture should be rearranged while the color may be repainted into a more neutral tone. Make sure that every room in the house plays a role or purpose.

– Make the outside inviting. Visitors should have a good impression starting from the outside of the house. Hiring a landscaping service before selling or painting the exterior new could make a huge difference. For something more permanent, adding a gutter guard or replacing the windows should be considered.

– Updating the most used rooms inside the house. The bathroom as well as the kitchen is the most frequently visited rooms inside the house. It will come as no surprise that the entire room should show some wear and tear. Some portions should be modified such as getting a new tub or shower and installing of new cabinets. Also make sure that plumbing inside the house have been repaired and maintained.


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