Plan Of Relocation For Rite-Aid In Stroudsburg Approved

The borough council of Stroudsburg made a unanimous decision to approve the relocation project which is proposed by Rite-Aid through a land development plan. This topic is still subject for future updates. The approval came after almost a year of processing between the council members and the developers who are being cautious regarding the design of the building they are planning to build.

The plans for the new building have been submitted March of last year by BTS Stroudsburg, a development firm. The project features a drive-through pharmacy that will cover an area of around 11,000 square feet. This will be constructed on lots that have been razed and bought which is located in the lower part of Main Street. Meanwhile, the current location of Rite-Aid in Stroudsburg is in Monroe Plaza and will soon be vacated.

After a number of presentation and proposals that have been resubmitted to the borough, the council of Stroudsburg made a request that the construction design should be restructured so it follows the code and aesthetic standard. To get the approval of the borough while making sure that the project is still feasible, the firm BTS Stroudsburg made some changes especially with a number of exterior designs, the landscaping, decorative design as well as the layout of the parking.

It was June when the project hit a bump thus the developers was required to place a bid on a small plot that is owned by the borough. The same one is used as access road by the residents residing in the streets of McConnell and North Third. The bidding was put to a vote which resulted to 4-3. The developer was the only bidder and it was accepted by the borough thereafter.

After the approval of the preliminary plan and a processing of more than 11 months, the council finally decided to give the plan a green light. The representative of the developer, Catherine Durso, said that the construction will start as soon as possible. For offices in Australia planning to relocate, moving will be easier by the help of a removalist in Sydney.


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