Pest Infestation – Find Them Before They Get To You

Maintaining a house is no joke. It takes time and effort. Keeping it in tip-top shape requires keen skills. You have to scrutinize every detail.  Check plumbing for any leaks. Verify if the disposal system of the kitchen is sink working. Is the grout in the kitchen and bathroom still intact? Do any of the tiles need to be replaced? You have to make sure that the deck/garden are properly managed. Are the heaters working? Check window panes for dirt and cracks. But the most important thing we always take for granted is that, is the house free from pest infestation?

Preventing the spread of this infestation would save us time, money and effort. Let me enumerate a few signs to verify if you have uninvited visitors in your home.

Unusual Smell. Pests like mice are very notorious in hiding, they usually come out when no one is around. They move as if they don’t exist but they often may lead a trail of urine in some corners leaving the stench to come to our attention. Cockroaches have a distinct woody, musky and oily scent that would have you squint upon getting in contact with this unpleasant odour.

Droppings. These pests eat and do not know where the toilet is. So if there are tracks of faeces in areas of the house that you occasionally see, this may be one sign that you have creepy dwellers living in the same house with you.

Bite Marks or Damaged Furniture and Wiring. Rodents in particular loves chewing at anything. This habit aids their continually growing teeth. Wires, cables, plastics, legs of chairs, even old books and clothes are only a few list of what these disastrous creatures can damage.

Noises. These pests may be quiet but they are not silent. If you hear unusual noises in the middle of the night (the time they are utmost active), like teeny weeny footsteps or some pitter-patter sound, this means that they are present.

Presence.  If you see one cockroach or one mouse, it does not mean that they are alone. These type of critters usually travel in groups and multiply rapidly.

If you experience any of these signs, make sure to contact a pest control in Sydney right away. There is no time to waste if you want to save your home and the health of all your loved ones.


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