Overspending In The Kitchen Renovation Can Hurt Your ROI


Nowadays, one of the most popular features is the kitchen splash back tiles mosaic that provides protection against cooking stains. Splash backs are available in a wide range of colours to add a touch of luxury in the kitchen. There will always be a colour or design that can enhance décor and match your lifestyle.

Today’s kitchen has become a favourite gathering area for the family. A few decades ago, the kitchen was just a utility space but now is has transformed to a high functioning entertainment area. This is the reason why there is high demand for kitchen renovations in addition to having higher ROI than other home improvements.

However, avoid overspending in the kitchen renovations because the value of whatever you pull out has to be factored in with the cost of replacement in the calculations of ROI. It makes sense to retain the current configuration while replacing kitchen cabinets and hardware. In older homes where kitchen cabinets are made from solid wood of high quality, it makes sense to simply reface them with new doors and hardware.

Refacinga cabinet is more sensible because it costs 40% less than replacing them with new ones. However, if you desire full demolition and reinstallation for new storage and additional space for appliances, the existing drawer and door fronts can be removed and discarded. Exposed surfaces will be prepared and covered with laminate, vinyl or veneer that will match the new doors.

Today’s trend is open kitchens that are streamlinedto create a wider space. The countertops are usually seamless with conservative edgings. To save on costs, there are laminates that have undergone advanced printing techniques to resemble the more expensive tile materials like travertine, granite or marble. To bring some light and life, install pendant lights and under-cabinet lighting. LED tape lights can also be added for task lighting.

By adding kitchen splash back tiles mosaic you have something that will enhance the décor. You are also assured that no matter the colour, design or theme of the kitchen, the splash back will remain to be the focal point in the room. Your kitchen will look like it is worth a million dollars.


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