Oak Furniture Land Makers Of Oak Bathroom &Home Furniture Has Advert Banned

A TV promotion for a British furniture company has been prohibited airing due to deceptive claims that it has never used veneer for its oak bathroom & home furniture.

Oak Furniture Land is said to have promised its customers that all cabinets are 100% solid hardwood.

The company claims that it has never used chipboard, plywood and veneer; however, it may have used “oak wrap” for its legs, where defenders say is a type of veneer. The legs are said to be small pieces of oak glued together to form a thin layer of wood.

Information about the strategy was unveiled after seeing several complaints filed to the Advertising Standards Authority about the largest retailer of hardwood furniture deceiving buyers. The ad was featured both on YouTube and TV, where it claimed 100% solid hardwood furniture.

According to ASA after banning the ads: ‘We recognize that the outer layer covered a high quality base material than those found with other veneered furniture, the considered “oak wrap” was really veneer.’ It can be seen how oak bathroom & home furniture are designed.

Oak Furniture Land was prohibited to air the adverts again that it used solid hardwood for the cabinets. It was not rightful for them to claim that there was no veneer included, when in fact, it used the “oak wrap”and other related methods.

Meantime, the firm would like to appeal the ruling to challenge the decision, if required, in the courts.

It persisted that “oak wrap” was an industry-accepted cabinetry techniqueto combine pieces of solid hardwood.

The firm’s leaders said the furniture was toughened by eliminating contracting or expanding and minimizing the possibility of splitting or warping.

Chief operating officer of Oak Furniture Land Terry King said: ‘The management is truly disappointed and dismayed with ASA’s conclusion to challenge concerns about our focus on our advertising campaign.

‘We stand true to our words that we only used 100% solid hardwood in our furniture. You can check some of our oak bathroom & home furniture as evidence.

‘The existing words we’ve used in our adverts were typically and widely utilized all over the retail industry, to assist customers to have a better distinction between solid, no-veneer products, and that furniture created using poor quality materials, which is covered with man-made veneers or thinner woods.


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