New Kawasaki Model Boasts Self-Healing Paint

We can see the influence of technology on almost anything these days but nothing speaks more about it than the new motorcycle model developed by Kawasaki – the Ninja H2. Motorcycle enthusiasts are already giddy with excitement to see first-hand this new model which embodies everything that technology has to offer. Excitement can also be felt from Kawasaki UK dealers because this model surely something that will be most coveted.

The bike is all silver with a touch of green. It was in 2015 when the model was introduced to the gawking public and it is quite unique because of the supercharger it carries which is not something usually seen in production models. In addition, the supercharger is attached to a motor. This feature alone would qualify this motorcycle as a superbike as it comes with 998 cc, four-cylinder engine that are inline.

For the United States version, the final specs of the 2019 version of Ninja H2 are yet to be released. According to the European headquarters of Kawasaki, the motor of the 2019 Ninja H2 is delivering a whooping 227.8 hp. This figure is powerful by 30 hp compared to the original version which was launched in 2015 in the commercial market. This is also 30 hp higher than the ZX-10RR Superbike which Kawasaki also produces.

The numbers ensure that the NinjaH2 will be categorized as a hyperbike. It is unique on its own because of the presence of a supercharger which is different from the competition models that online comes with traditional inline with four cylinders.

Another feature that the company is most proud about the H2 is that it is protected by a self-healing paint that heals on its own as long as the damage is limited to light scratches. While this may sound too geeky for Kawasaki UK dealers, the company said that the paint is as simple as a mirror silver coat known as Highly Durable Paint. The coat has soft as well as hard properties which is why it is able to stretch and go back to original form like a spring which can tolerate light scratches.


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