Motorcycle Sales Remain Strong In Spite Of Government Restrictions

Many people became interested in motorcycles because they want to experience the fun, daring and thrilling adventures. No doubt some will frown but a lot of them still stop and stare at the display of Moto Guzzi dealers in the UK. The pricey sports bike is still the preference of the experienced riders but the top sellers are the motorcycles that are relatively low priced and can be used for a casual ride in the country.

In the past, cars are more expensive to purchase and maintain than motorcycles. People who want to stay dry and warm still prefer a small car that they can purchase for $20 thousand. Small cars have fuel economy that is comparable to motorcycles.

In some states, beginners lose their interest on motorcycles easily because of the barriers of getting a motorcycle license and the costs that will be incurred. Some states require new riders to wear ridiculous high-vis vests for a few years. They are not allowed to have passengers for the first two years. Times have changed and yet there are more rules.

Becoming fully licensed to drive a motorcycle is becoming harder each year. New regulations in Queensland restrict the training of new riders. This is causing problems for training providers. When some people started to ride motorcycles, the registration costs were only a fraction of what it costs to register a car. That is no longer true today.

Meanwhile the barriers for new riders do not seem to have an effect because sales of beginner motorcycles remain strong and immensely encouraging to manufacturers. Some people may be dissuaded from buying a motorcycle but they continue to love and be involved with the 2-wheeled transport. There are also those who are determined enough to ride in spite of the government restrictions.

The ease of finance being offered by Moto Guzzi dealers in the UK has certainly improved sales numbers. Add to that the presence of skilled technicians who are ready and willing to address the concerns of new buyers. There is a full range of new and used road bikes, cruisers and off-road bikes that will perfectly match the lifestyle of a rider.


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