More People Are Killed In Homicides Than Armed Conflicts

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According to a study made by the United Nations (UN) on Drugs and Crime, crime kills more people than armed conflicts or terror attacks. More people are killed in homicides all over the world than conflict zones. Rates of women being killed due to domestic violence are on the rise. Organized crime is one of the biggest drivers of homicides all over the world with women often killed by their partners or family members.

In 2017, about 464,000 people were killed in homicides while more than 89,000 were killed in armed conflicts in the same year. 19% of the deaths worldwide were linked to organized crimes. More than 90% of the suspects in homicide cases between 2014 and 2016 were males.  In 2017, 58% of homicide victims were female. Europe has the lowest homicide rate in the world with only 3 killed in 100,000 populations.

Most people feel safe when inside their homes but it is the also the most dangerous place for women. Although women and girls are a small portion of the victims of global homicides, they are often killed by men because of intimate partner violence. Women continue to bear the heaviest burden of life-threatening victimization because of inequality and gender stereotypes.

Asia had the highest number of female homicides due to domestic violence in 2017 with about 20,000 victims. The second highest was Africa with 19,000 women killed. However, this is more likely to their smaller population where women face more risks of becoming victims of domestic violence. In the US, Young men usually become victims of gang-related violence and firearm injuries that cause their death.

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