More Flights Opened: More To Enjoy Spa In Patong

Nowadays, everyone can travel to any given country by riding onto a plane. You see, the airline industry has never been this competitive in ages. Airline companies have been able to find more innovative ways to keep afloat in the competition and keep frequent flyers flying through them. For example, some airlines are now offering lower rates for seats in their business and first classes especially for long-haul flights because let’s face it, when you are flying for about 9 hours and you’re only in the economy class, it’s mostly uncomfortable especially with regards to the very limited legroom passengers in the said class are enduring and yet, you are paying thousands of Dollars for a seat. Now, in case you need to travel to the Kingdom of Thailand for your long-delayed vacation trip to the said country, the good news is, there are many airlines, especially the budget-friendly airlines which can take you to one of Asia crown jewels in  terms of tourism success from basically any part of the globe. The not-so-good-news is, you will have to take another domestic flight especially when you want to visit a spa in Patong that can give you and your body the most rejuvenating spa experience you can only get in this beautiful town that is located in the beach island of Phuket.

If in any case that you are someone who is currently residing or working in Beijing, China, and you want to visit a spa in Patong as part of your itinerary, gone are the days when you need to take a connecting flight from Beijing to Bangkok then to Phuket because that’s really stressful to begin with. Just last March of this year, Thai Airways have started its routine flights from Beijing directly to Phuket. According to the officials of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the said new development will now allow more passengers from bigger markets like China to travel directly to Phuket without all of those hassles of having to transfer from one plane to the other. This will also enable passengers to now immediately enjoy the beach and the local #culture of the island once they’ve touched down at Phuket International Airport.


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