Mindfulness Not Effective For Men, According To Brown University Study

Mindfulness has been gaining traction in the last few years, with the word becoming more and more mainstream as more and more companies see its benefits and implement its practices.

For those asking for a mindfulness definition, being mindful is setting one’s focus exclusively on the present and current situation, which is reported to be capable of doing a number of helpful things for people, such as heal unhealthy relationships, improve mental health, increase awareness, and the like. The recent newfound popularity of mindfulness has increased its frequency of use throughout the world, and many are stating that being mindful can lead to happiness, at least that’s what some suggest.

But, as with a lot of things in life, mindfulness is not so easily achieved. According to a study conducted by researchers from the US’s Brown University, men need not even bother. Their research suggests that the fairer sex receive much more benefits from mindfulness than men.

The researchers conducted their study by assessing a group of 77 students, 41 males and 36 females, over a time span of 12 weeks, during which the participants all undertook training in mindfulness. The results show that whilst the females noted significant changes to their mental states, the men reported far less notable results.

The details are unclear as to what causes the difference between the genders, but according to the researchers, it may be brought upon by the more introspective and reflective tendencies of women when compared to men, who favor setting aside concerns and worries, which leads to them being more focused on the present moment then women, which may be why they gain less from mindfulness.

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Human Behavior, and Behavioral & Social Sciences, Dr. Willoughby Britton expressed surprise at the results. Which she states could possibly be a very common occurrence that researchers managed to overlook.

One of the main contributors to the research, Rahil Rojiani has expressed his hopes that the disparity between the genders would be further addressed in the future, stating that the differences in genders with regards to mental health have not been properly addressed. He states the importance of this, as mindfulness definition become more and more widespread.

The findings of this study follow, and, consequently, contradict previous studies that claim mindfulness have a number of benefits which reportedly showed men managing health problems and the like, as examples of the benefits of practicing mindfulness.


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