Michelin International Certification For Thailand Restaurants And Street Food

People from all over the world travel to Thailand to experience the exotic, tropical country with unique temples, sandy, beaches, top Bangkok restaurants and world famous markets. Bangkok is a paradise for those who want to enjoy a different culinary experience. After the launch of Michelin Guide, Thailand hopes to reaffirm the country’s position as a gastronomy destination in Asia.

At present, Thailand is ranked 29th among the certified food vendors of the world. In Asia, Thailand is at 6th place and 2nd only to Singapore in Southeast Asian region. The total tourism income from gastronomy business was predicted to improve from the 20% forecast for 2017 to 25% in 2018. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) expects to meet the goal of 2.77 trillion Baht in tourism revenue with 20% generated by gastronomy businesses.

TAT is seriously promoting gastronomy tourism including Bangkok’s street food. According to TAT governor, YutthasakSupasorn, local Thai food will be among the core tourism products that will be promoted in the coming years. If TAT succeeds with the objective of gastronomy tourism, Bangkok will be the destination for gastronomy enthusiasts in Asia.

In order to enable Michelin Guide, a global food certification firm to rate food establishments in Thailand from 2018 to 2021, TAT has approved a budget of 144 million Baht. Hopefully, tourism revenue from gastronomy tourism in 2018 will generate 750 billion Baht.

The first Michelin guidebook for Thailand will be launched on December 6 of this year. Mr. Yutthasak expects that the guidebook will strengthen Thailand’s competitiveness once restaurants gain international certification. Aside from top Bangkok restaurants, many street food stores will also be certified by Michelin.

Last June, Bangkok was named by CNN as a top global destination for street food because of the wide variety of street food that is available 24/7. Foreign tourists are the biggest spenders on food that is why TAT wants street food to be internationally certified.

Outstanding, high quality and the tastiest food can be found in top Bangkok restaurants along the Sukhumvit area. Aside from local Thai cuisine, restaurants also serve sophisticated food with international influence. Diversity of menu and location makes Bangkok restaurants the best choice for a delightful experience.


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