Looking Back To The History Of Bikini In Honour Of International Bikini Day

July 5 is considered as the International Bikini Day. Every time you order bikini online, does it come to your mind how this beautiful swimwear came to be? It was in 1946 when the first bikini was invented and exactly the same month as now. It appeared during a poolside fashion event that happened in Paris. Louis Reard is the French engineer responsible for the design of the two-piece bathing suit. It was dubbed as the smaller than the smallest swimsuit in the world.

It was during the war that Monsieur Reard took advantage of the fabric rationing that is being implemented by the government of the United States. He decided to take the opportunity by inventing the two-piece bikini. Rationing was since then used as an excuse by various fashion houses in order to justify creating a new design of swimsuit with lesser fabric and reveals more skin. It was in the 1940s when the bikini trend started and the midriff was shown by women for the first time.

The world of swimwear changed because of that fateful day on July 5, 1946. Once the nuclear tests were conducted at the Bikini Atoll, the designs came and then the rest is attributed to history. The only challenge that faced the designer during that time is the fact that he can’t find a model brave enough to use the two-piece swimwear for photo shoot. MichelineBernardini, a nude model, accepted the role instead.

It was July 11, 1946 when she wore the bikini to a press show held in Paris and it was then that she became the first woman to don the bikini.

The bikini was not accepted by everyone because during the first Miss World Contest that was hosted in London, the swimwear was banned. According to the Vatican, it was a sinful piece of clothing and it was consecutively banned in other places such as Austria, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

The popularity of the bikini started to increase considerably in 1953 after it was worn by Brigitte Bardot who is a sex symbol in France. As you decide to order bikini online, thank the women who made this possible.


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