LED Lights Helped Consumers In Logan To Save Money

Consumers who are paying public utility in Logan were able to save a lot of money because of the decision of the council to replace existing lights with LED lighting. LED lights such as 12v LED strip lighting consumes very little energy compared to other commercial light source.

The city recently made a decision to move ahead and conduct additional investigations regarding the use of LED for all the street lights.

A specific agreement was reached between officers and Energex which will give permission to use LED lights as long as it passes the standards by the Queensland Transport and Main Roads. These lights will be used in main roads where there are current developments as well as on council roads.

Basically, the public street lights that are found in the council roads of Logan City is owned by Energex while the council is paying for the entire lighting network including the maintenance, electricity, operations and capital repayments. Energex appointed Stanwell Energy to be the managing company on their behalf.

According to officers, every LED light that was installed in the new estates like the Yarrabilba has contributed to the savings worth $18 every month or equal to a saving of 60 cents every day. This includes the maintenance and power savings sector.

There were about a thousand LED lights that were used in Yarrabilba. In this case, the energy savings reaches up to 84,000 kilowatt hours annually. This resulted to a large deduction in costs allotted to operations and maintenance when compared to the standard lighting.

In a recent report that was submitted to the council, the savings for each light annually is $215 which means that the development in Yarrabilba, once finally done, has a probability to save about $250,000 due to the LED light installed.

The report also revealed that $6 million is spent annually in the operation and maintenance of the street lighting which was provided by Energex. With the use of LED lights such as 12v LED strip lighting, homeowners and businesses will be able to save a lot.


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