Leave Me Not: Dogs

Leaving your dog inside the car is a big mistake — no matter how high or low the temperature is. This headline have been broadcasted worldwide because the furry friends deserve better than being behind for whatever reason that holds the owner’s convenience. While it is relaxing to think that your dog will just be sleeping on the cool and stylish Ford seat covers of your Ford Ranger, that is not the reality because dogs will be fighting for their survival against a possible heat stroke. According to American Veterinary Medical Association, that in every year, heat stroke is the main cause of pets dying inside locked vehicles.

The Danger

Dogs have been enjoying car rides since the car was invented. But it doesn’t mean you have their permission to leave them unattended just so you could get a few minutes of bathroom time which actually takes a lot more than 10 minutes. The insides of the car automatically turns into a heatwave when closed and parked in a hot or a semi-hot weather. Studies show that the temperature from outside the car causes the temperature from inside the car to rise up. For example, in a research from San Francisco State University, when the temperature from the outside is a mild 70 degrees, the temperature will go up to 89 degrees within 10 minutes in a hot car with windows closed. That is how fast the temperature rises and dogs will struggle for survival.

The Laws

28 states from the United States have laws on the prohibition of leaving dogs inside cars on a hot weather. That is a huge improvement compared to the year 2015, where the list falls short to 16 states. However, only 11 states namely Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, Wisconsin , Tennessee, Vermont, and New York that allows civilians to do whatever is possible in order to rescue a struggling dog trapped inside a vehicle. That result to breaking the car window to let the dog out but be cautious; this may not be the case in the United Kingdom.

Tips For The Rescue Chief

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an England based charity driven to protect animals at all costs tells the public that they must follow the their advice to avoid lawsuit charges in the UK. It includes dialing 999 when witnessing a dog inside the car, take photos to prove the situation at hand like of the panting dog sitting on the Ford seat covers or the Ford car itself and remember to narrate everything you did to rescue the dog. This will come in handy to prove your innocence and avoid charges while the dog will show you a wagging tail as a thank you.


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