Laws You Should Follow When Travelling To Another Country

When planning for a trip, we get excited about where we are going or if we are going to stay in one of the beach villas in Thailand but we tend to forget to look up about local laws. You have to be familiar with local laws if you don’t want to end up in prison instead of enjoying your holiday. Authorities have warned holiday goers that they should read about local news because many of the famous tourist destinations have made some changes with their laws in 2018.

For instance, at the beginning of this year, the government of Thailand has mandated that there will be smoking ban in a number of popular beaches in the country including Krabi, KohSamui and Phuket. There are going to be designated spaces for smoking in these beaches and offenders will pay 100,000 or they could face a maximum of 12 months in prison.

There are also some new laws in Majorca and tourists destinations in Spain regarding alcoholic drinks. It is now illegal to consume them on the streets therefore offenders will have to pay a fine reaching 3,000 euros. The penalties are even higher in Magaluf, a resort in Majorca, because the amount is four times. Aside from the streets, drinking alcohol in public areas such as beaches is also banned.

Those visiting the town centres of Croatia should know that it is now welcomed by the locals when tourists go around with only their swimsuits or if they roam around shirtless. This practice is imposed in a number of tourist destinations including Hvar and Dubrovnik. The law is communicated to the public through the signage and those who go against it will have to pay a fine on the spot.

If you go diving in Turkey, there is a probability that you will find treasures such as old coins. According to their law, bringing them outside the country is prohibited unless the rules say otherwise.

These new laws might sound very simple but it should be something everyone should remember regardless if they are enjoying the beach villas in Thailand or diving the oceans in Turkey.


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