JDog Brands assigning Former Spec Ops Marine as sub-franchise president

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, a veteran owned and operated company that handles junk hauling Orange County and across the country, has been expanding across the country, with a new umbrella brand, JDog Brands, and new franchises.

One of the latest brands is JDog Carpet Cleaning, which recently revealed that it’ll be under the leadership of Chayse Roth, a former Special Ops Marine. Roth will be taking the helm as brand COO and President, a new position that’s part of the JDog’s national expansion campaign, which is aimed at leveraging the trust that JDog Junk Removal & Hauling has built with its customers, across its 200 franchises working on junk hauling Orange County and across the US.

Jerry Flanagan, JDog Brands Founder and CEO, says that this recent appointment is a part of their plan to expand business ownership and employment for veterans, which he considers as the US’s greatest labor pool. He notes that the company’s experience shows that customers put a great deal of trust, value and interest with veterans. He describes the recent appointee, Chayse, as someone who exemplifies the skills, leadership ability and discipline of the military.

Roth  has been a part of the USMC since high school, and served for 13 years, with deployments to Iraq, Bahrain, Tajikstan, Pakistan, as well as Afghanistan, with multiple commendations, like the Combat Action Ribbon, among others. He previously owned and ran a successful carpet cleaning business in North Carolina, which provided its services to around 200,000 people.

Roth issued a statement on his appointment, saying that he joined JDog because the company had veteran’s values and culture, and know what they can bring to businesses in the country. He says that JDog has done much to provide a trusted national brand for veterans, and he’s excited to open a new carpet cleaning service under the JDog Brands umbrella, in a move that expands the company’s service

Flanagan says that he and the company believes that entrepreneurship is the best way to improve the lot of veterans in the US, and they plan to take their crusade to the market, providing opportunities for service people who’ve already given much to the country.


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