Increased Demand For Cave Diving After The Thailand Rescue

If you are planning to visit Thailand, why not try Similan Liveaboard for a new experience? It is a great a way to celebrate with a group of friends who share the same passion for diving. On the other hand, you can also experience the rare adventure with strangers who can teach you to dive. You can get creative with the dive itinerary beyond the “4 dives a day.”

At Bonne Terre Mine in Missouri, summer is slow season for scuba diving however, after the successful cave rescue of 12 boys and their coach in a flooded Thailand cave, diving was suddenly trusted into the limelight. The dangerous rescue efforts of the Thai Navy Seal Team and volunteer foreign cave divers captured the world’s attention and highlighted the importance of cave diving skills.

According to Douglas Georgens, the owner of the mine, he received lots of calls a week after the cave rescue. People were asking about diving and diving certification. Most of them were interested to visit Northern Thailand. The way that the rescue turned out was indeed a miracle but had it turned bad, Georgens is not sure if people will still show the same interest.

Bonne Terre is a former lead mine that is 500 meters below the surface. Groundwater used to be pumped out when the mine was still working. Today, 3 of the mine’s 5 levels are submerged in water. Divers with the open water certification can explore the 50 trails on the largest manmade underground caverns in the world. After the Thailand cave rescue, Georgens expects that more divers will come to the caves.

Increased demand for cavern and cave diving has also been reported by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Global PADI Cavern Diver certifications have also increased by 150% over this month last year.

Aspiring cave divers can start by joining Similan Liveaboard in Thailand where they have the opportunity to learn through highly experienced PADI diving instructors and dive masters. It will take years of diving experience in open water before you will obtain the skills for cave diving. For divers who do not want to venture down that path, they can still enjoy themselves in liveaboard trips.


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