Increase In Insurance Sales For Travel Reached 200%

When you are a frequent traveller probably because it’s a part of whatever career path that you chose beforehand, you have to make sure that you monitor every expense that you make because no matter how much travel budget is, traveling can burn a big hole in someone’s wallet because first and foremost, traveling to another country, let’s say from any given state in the United States and you need to travel to an Asian country like the Philippines, is extremely expensive. Aside from the airfare and the hotel accommodation at the country where you will be staying, you will also need to prepare for other possible and yet, essential expenses such as the food that you are going to eat on a daily basis, the transportation expenses that will enable you to go places, and most importantly, unexpected expenses such as when you get sick. You see, getting on a foreign country is the worst thing that can happen to a traveller especially if you don’t have an existing health insurance which you can use in that country at that specific situation. This is one of the many reasons why there’s a significant increase in insurance sales for healthcare because of the mere fact that more and more people, especially travellers are prone to getting sick and that, medical expenses have been shooting way too high.


Last month, it was reported by an insurance comparison site, compareit 4me .com, that there has been a recorded 200% increase in insurance sales for travellers from the sales that were generated last year. In fact, the same comparison site has come up with a report which stated that there has been a 62% increase comparison inquiries from May up to June of this year, which has been associated with the seasonal demand for insurance policies. In addition to this, actual sales increase of such insurance policies can be attributed to the mere fact that there have been more people who are now aware of the importance and usefulness of having an insurance policy that is specifically designed for travellers, including the benefits of having someone to take care of your expenses in any unfortunate case that something goes south.


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