Incorporate The Outdoors In Bathroom Design

Gone are the days when bathrooms have to look sleek and shiny, according to Louise Cook. She is currently Mico and Placemakers’ manager for the bathroom section. She added that one of the major trends these days is adding natural elements inside the bathroom space. In New Zealand where she is based, the locals still love the white bathroom theme but it is noticeable that many are incorporating natural motifs that make the space look like a sanctuary. The same trend has been noticed by as their clients are asking to bring the outdoors inside their bathrooms.

Homeowners who wanted to give their bathroom the same vibe can start by adding wood. Ingrid Geld of, an interior designer, said that wood can be used as wall panels or in the joinery. There are finishes nowadays that are water repellent therefore they can be used inside the bathroom. For those who are skeptical to use wood, they can change the flooring to tiles that resemble timber or they can add a feature wall at the back of the bath area.

The tiles, although man-made, can give the bathroom a natural look. There are stone-like designs available that come in various shapes and sizes and the finishing varies as well. Exterior elements can also be incorporated inside the bathroom such as concrete edging, rock walls or pebble paths. Geldof said that there are tiles that are made of porcelains or natural stones for those who are looking for the particular style.

When choosing the bath, go for the stone one but the downside is that it can be a little expensive. if you prefer to use showers, go with one that has a natural tile finishing because it can make the room look like that of a spa. Rain shower should be installed for the best natural concept.

As for the tap, Geldof recommends using brushed nickel, black, aged iron and white bronze instead of the usual shiny chrome. To make the light look more natural, recommends hiding it behind shower alcoves or incorporating it into the vanities to achieve the soft glow.


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