How You Can Utilize Your Website To Be The Salesperson

Hiring a salesperson is not cheap. Based on a report published in 2007 by Sales Benchmark Index, the average pay to a sales representative is around $176,848 every year. This amount includes the expenses at work, commission and compensation. When computed, every sales call cost around $287.56.

Looking at this number, you realize why majority of organizations are trying to cut down the cost spent on sales rep while some are even trying to eliminate the need for one. This is where the touchless or self-service model comes in.

In a traditional setting, the marketing department of the company is tasked to pass a specific number of leads to the sales force monthly or quarterly. If a salesperson thinks that the lead is worth trying, she will try to contact in every way possible and then the sales rep will act as a guide throughout the entire purchase process.

In a touchless setting, the guide will by the buyer themselves. He will read information online rather than hear it from someone else. The buyer will not only be watching an online instruction on how to use the product but he will have the chance to get a free trial or watch the video of the specific product.

With this setting, the company saves money while the buyer decides everything all throughout the buying process which is considered a win-win scenario. To do this, the company’s interface must be transformed into a salesperson. Here are some things that can be applied to the website for a touchless sale.

  • Create a resource library. This way, sales rep won’t have to answer the same questions over and over again. Buyers will be able to find answers to their questions without the need for a sales person. You can start building the resource library by asking your current sales rep about commonly asked questions and providing mini articles about it.
  • Utilized a well-timed paywall. Offer free trials of the product for a certain time limit, this will give the customer time to love the product and eventually purchase it after the trial period is over.
  • ROI Calculator. A client will certainly buy a product when they know it will have a big impact in their lives. To know the products impact, a marketing ROI calculator is helpful since it will show them the money they will be able to save while using the product, the productivity, time, convenience as well as efficiency.


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